How to open a RAR or ZIP file on your computer

What are RAR and ZIP compressed files?

If you are new to Windows PC, let me explain that rar and zip are two popular file compression formats. Your friend or co-worker might send an email, or you might download a file from the Internet and receive it in zip or .rar format; It may strike your mind once it becomes a virus. A file with a .zip or .rar extension is not a virus; However, the virus may be packaged within a .zip or .rar file. So, be careful before unzipping a zip or rar file if you have received it from an unknown source. People use an archiver to compress a document or video, which reduces the size and helps them load quickly. Some of us also compress a file for long-term storage because it will take little space on your HDD after packing a document in zip or .rar format.


How to open RAR and ZIP compressed files on Windows 10?

There are a large number of free programs available online to open RAR and ZIP files, but we prefer to use WinRAR tool. Actually, WinRAR is a paid app, but by closing the pop-up box, you can continue to use it for free.

To extract the contents from a RAR or ZIP file, right-click on the file and select the “Extract to” option. WinRAR will create a new folder with the same file name, and all contents will be extracted to this folder.

For example, my archive file When I perform the above steps, it will ask for a password Enter 123,


After that, a folder will be created with the same name as the zip or the one that I am decompressing, and all the contents of the archive file will be extracted there. With this trick, WinRAR will not show any pop-up to buy this software.

The other way to extract content from an archive file is to double-click it to open it. A dialog box for purchasing WinRAR will open.



Click on the content to select it. Click and hold on it with the left mouse button and drag it to an empty space on the desktop or in a folder. Archive content is copied where you want it.

WinRAR is the most famous tool, and you can download winrar decompression software.

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